Advantages of Angle Seat Valves


The term Angle seat valve or Angle valve refers to a group of on off and manage valves that have a Y shape body style, and apply liner action to lift area off a seat to close and open the valve while offering an extremely close shutoff. By having a seat, the piston can be pushed out of the flood way, eliminating its obstacle and therefore offer Max flood.

These Angle seat valves recognized for their wide flow, they can manage with NIL differential force and with extreme procedure media temps. Additionally; it is a fine option for fluids with extreme viscosities and also with dirty procedure media. They’re can fine option for steam and water. Angle seat valves are also a great option in hazardous places. When the accompanying pilot valves are placed outer of the hazardous place!

Angle seat valves are piloted by air and have a service life well in the tons of cycles. Normally, 3 way valves are applied to manage the valve. The air force from the pilot valve is applied in the Angle seat valve actuator to offer liner shake. Spring return valves apply spring in the actuator to return the valve to its resting condition,KP-LOK monoflange.

The top of the Angle seat valves normally includes a few kinds of dome place indicator such as yellow or red visual beacon.

These Angle seat valves deliver millions of regular cycles in requesting apps such as water, steam, and aggressive media. Working forces above 5 hundred PSI and capable to withstand temps to around 4oo degree F. the Angle seat valve body materials are usually stainless bras or steel, with wetted contents being 316-SS or CF3M.

Procedure links include ANSI flanges, NPT, butt weld, socket weld, tri-clamp, tube ends, etc. they’re avail in No/NC/Bi-directional, can be simply shifted from NO to NC, dual acting to single acting. The actuators arrive with NAMUR/Threaded ports and Angle seat valves don’t need lubricated pilot air. They’re perfectly suited for vacuum service and can be applied in very quick apps up to 1k cycles each hour with an estimated life of over 10M cycles.

Main features of Angle seat valves

  • Can be simply converted from NO to NC or dual acting to only acting
  • Aluminum solid anodized piston
  • Perfect for in places in which contamination due to weakening air and sedimentation is not much loved
  • The extreme number of gland pickings at operator and valve end for longer life
  • Brass inserts for manager port links
  • Corrosion proof glass covered nylon operator
  • Operator with NAMUR, threaded ports
  • Modular design
  • Lubricated pilot air not essential
  • Wetted parts: CF3M
  • Lives up to 10 M cycles
  • Speedy acting up to 1K cycles each hour
  • Perfectly suited for vacuum service
  • Piston shaft fine supported by rigid non-metallic linear bearings avoiding metal to the metal link
  • Particularly designed body with inferior bends for upper flow
  • Burnished piston shaft

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